The best part about being a craftsperson is the community. I love the Chicago craft community and I plan on spending a good chuck of Summer 2016 on the road in the American South and East Coast, doing shows, connecting with people, learning, and getting inspired. I'd love to talk to you about it. Let's connect.

The other best part of being a craftsperson is paying yourself a living wage to make beautiful things.  I pay myself a lot more than Target pays a Chinese slave and I know that puts my work outside of the budget of some Americans. It's fair, and it's worth it, but if you can't afford it, save the Chinese slave and come straight to me. I'm ALWAYS open to offers of barter.

Local things I'd love to trade for include massage, acupuncture, and other medical services, homebrew, special food, crafts, wood, and more. Try me.

Further abroad I'd love some maple syrup, honey, coffee, anything you grow yourself (grains?!), anything you make yourself (wool blanket?!), and more. You try me too.