I do not do returns or refunds on my work. Everything I make is handmade with lots of care for both aesthetic and durability. I pack appropriately for shipping and do everything within my power to make sure my work gets to you and lasts a long, long time. Wood is an organic material and occasionally will warp and straighten or develop small cracks. These things are normal and will likely be stable for a long time with proper care methods (do not dishwash, let dry immediately after hand washing, oil often).

Shipping time:

In order to keep my work affordable, I batch my shipping. I usually ship once a week, on Fridays. I never ship less than once a week, and occasionally more. If you order early in a week and need your item ASAP, please contact me at

International Shipping:

I offer international shipping! The fee you will be charged at checkout is a retainer fee. After I get an estimate from a shipper I will collect the rest of the cost and then ship to you. Please keep in mind that some of my items are made from quite heavy wood.