Chicago-based interdisciplinary designer & builder.

I work in deeply traditional media-- hand tooled wood, egg tempera, graphite, and fire-- with radical intent.

I create small batch home goods and objects from micro-regional woods and sell them in my shop above.

I design furniture and do custom build outs and installations.

I am a classically trained painter and inter-media artist.


The child of a forester and a plant biologist, raised in the north woods of Maine, wood is a language I have known for a long time. I studied many things in college, from Civil Engineering to Arabic, before settling into a BFA from the University of Maine with a concentration in egg tempera painting. My love for egg tempera and narrative painting was formed during a study abroad in Italy and Greece. While in Maine I also enjoyed studying at the Haystack School of Crafts.

I settled in Chicago two years after graduating and have lived here since. Chicago is the bedrock of my work. Chicago is what drives me. I believe Chicago is the most beautiful city in America and I am so proud to create here. 

I dabbled in commercial interior design before committing to my own practice as an artist and fabricator, developing a live/work studio space in a rambling brownstone, a testing ground for all of my ideas and the work that springs from them. Everything I do is deeply personal. 

In the three areas of my practice-- small goods, furniture and installations, and fine arts-- I maintain a commitment to ethical and regional sourcing and an emphasis on craft. I believe craft is care. I also believe that a perfectly imperfect hand carved spoon is as important as a eight foot painting on a gallery wall. I strive to create objects and experiences that create wonder and a feeling of the secular sacred.

I am deeply invested in community empowerment and social change through craft and vernacular design. I am committed to working with and within my community as a queer resident of the Southwest side and offer the full range of my work and skills as a community carpenter on a needs-based sliding scale. I am a teaching artist at Project Fielding, a collaborative dedicated to teaching women and gender variant people woodworking skills, I am proud to be participating in regional residencies, knitting together new collaborations, and building new skills every day.